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No better place to buy a vehicle this Tax Refund Season!

One of the biggest selections of vehicles under $5,000 in the southeast.

lot pic 2-15-16

Hundreds of Wholesale

Vehicles Available to the Public!

Why pay retail mark-up when you can stretch your tax refund check further and buy like the car dealers buy at thousands under retail prices! Tax refund season is by far the busiest time of the year for every car lot and dealer in the country. With such a dramatic rise in sales, dealers scramble to buy as many used cars as they can put their hands on. Prices are set by supply vs demand and the rapid rise in demand and the dwindling used car supply around the country, used car prices are the highest for the entire year from late January until early March.
Many of our tax time sellers stock up on vehicles starting in the summer and will continue to buy and store up these vehicles until tax refund checks hit in February. Many of these sellers will have as many as hundreds of vehicles each and will bring them to our lot by the 18 wheeler truck load from February 1st until the end of March. We have one of the biggest public auto auctions in the Southeast and are open all year long but this is a special time of the year and you will get the most car for your money buying at wholesale prices. We are open Monday-Saturday and the public can come in daily to test drive, negotiate and purchase straight off the lot without bidding! Come see the difference this tax refund season!

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